Custom Paint Black
Custom Paint Black

Custom Paint Black

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Title:  “Custom Paint Black”

Measurements: paper 35 x 35 inches, image 33 x 33 inches

Edition of 500 

Price: $285.00

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While honoring the academic elements and disciplines within abstract work, The Studio’s “Custom Paint” series was designed to appeal to the color conscious consumer. This straight-edge bold shaped composition will enhance your modern, contemporary or traditional home or office space.

This Print arrives to you unframed.

The Studio’s premier prints use the Oce Colorado 1640 printer with UV gel 355 ink on Canon 8 mil UV Satin Photo paper.  The Studio’s UV gel prints are tough and highly scratch-resistant, virtually eliminating the need to put behind glass or plexiglass.  The Studio’s UV gel ink has a unique ‘feel' to it, with a smooth finish and a thicker ink-laydown than other UV or aqueous ink applications.


We suggest dusting with a clean dry cloth.  Your print can be wiped clean with a very slightly damp cloth, but only if necessary.  Avoid excessive moisture and direct sunlight.